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Master of European Design Labs

Masters of Design and Innovation - 1 year

It trains the figure of a new professional with a critical, innovative and global vision, from the field of design.

  • Next edition: Enero 2015
  • IED Credits: 90
  • Language : English
  • Assistance : Presencial
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Master of European Design Labs

The Master of European Design Labs is a programme of study, work and research whose methodology is based on project culture. The master promotes critical observation and reflection on core values ​​to train well-rounded designers with their own identity.

Through research, the students connect a range of fields with design, in order to provide original and effective responses to current demands, always offering a wide range of solutions and visions. Guided by teachers and professionals, the students develop new ways of seeing and understanding projects, obtaining different results and solutions.

Career opportunities: Senior designer. Design consultant. Design manager. Entrepreneur. Freelance designer.

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Objectives - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

The platform of the Masters of Design and Innovation is designed so that all the students of the four masters are able to work in the following fields:

  • The development of products and services using both theoretical and technical skills
  • Knowledge of innovation processes
  • The strategic foundation for business success: communication, opportunities and market positioning, brand value and corporate image

In particular, the Master of European Design Labs presents a training program that trains the figure of a new professional with a critical, innovative and global vision, from the field of design.

Throughout the course, students will acquire new knowledge and skills, reinforcing their training in various areas:

  • Manage and coordinate interdisciplinary teams
  • Strengthen their identity as creative professionals
  • Build trend maps for European culture and design
  • Advance and interpret future scenarios
  • Establish personal contacts with diverse European professionals
  • Conceptualize, develop and communicate innovative ideas


Professional Opportunities

Professional Objectives - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Organizations and companies seek experienced and gifted professionals, with a sense of perspective, to generate projects suited to their demands and identity. Students of the Masters of European Design Labs can work as:

  • Senior Designer
  • Design Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Design Manager
  • Freelance Designer
  • Creativity Consultant
  • Entrepreneur


Programme1 European Design Labs - IED Madrid


Critical historical analysis, methodology, sustainability, visual communication…

Programme3 European Design Labs - IED Madrid


Analysis of future scenarios, global trends, anthropology, user needs, production systems and new technologies, personal brand, product and services life cycle, projects…

Programme2 European Design Labs - IED Madrid


Design culture, applied creativity, team building, design research, design thinking, job placement…

Programme4 European Design Labs - IED Madrid


Concept, idea, development, production, prototyping, display…


mischer'traxler studio - Program Leaders European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler

Program Leaders of the Master, Founders of mischer’traxler studio

“Since there is never a single answer or approach to design, the Master of European Design Labs encourages experimentation combined with research, analytical thinking and conceptual approaches to achieve the best result for a project and empower each student to develop his/her own idea and identity of the design.”

Paloma Cañizares - Tutor - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Paloma Cañizares

Program Leader of the Master, Architect and Founder of PCM Design

An architect who studied at ETSAM, Paloma Cañizares opened her studio in 2005. In 2011 she set up the furniture editorial PCM, which is a combination of a platform to produce projects by young and talented designers and a company that is sensitive to the needs of local manufacturing for the development of our artisanship and industry.

Pablo Jarauta - Masters of Design and Innovation - IED Madrid

Pablo Jarauta

Unit Coordinator of Cross-Curricular Contents, Philosopher

After receiving his Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Murcia, Pablo has worked in the fields of history of cartography, travel literature, history of ideas and the socio-cultural contexts of design. He has taught at Duke University and the University of Extremadura.

Lucas Muñoz - Unit Coordinator - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Lucas Muñoz

Unit Coordinator of the Master, Product Designer

Lucas explores design through craft. He is from Spain, but his workshop and studio are located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Went there in 2012 to study a Master at the Design Academy Eindhoven and, after finishing, decided to stay. He believes that the city is a hotspot for creatives and designers.

Gionata Gatto - Unit Coordinator - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Gionata Gatto

Unit Coordinator of the Master, Designer

Gionata’s approach to design is firmly connected to the objective of questioning the significance of daily-life products, resulting in narrative investigations related to production processes, materials, artifacts and services. The projects of the studio are often perceived by the public as evocative tools and proponents of engagement and dialogues.

Tito Pérez Mora - Unit Coordinator - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Tito Pérez Mora

Unit Coordinator of the Master, Architect, Artist and Founder of studio AKA

In 2005, the year of completion of his studies in architecture, he founded and co-directed the architecture and design studio AKA, established in Madrid. Since then the studio has developed small and medium scale architectural and design projects, including graphic and product design.



Former Students

Ana Arana - Former Student 2014 - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Ana Arana

European Design Labs 2014

Designer at PCM Design

Ruohong Wu - Former Student 2014 - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Ruohong Wu

European Design Labs 2014

Founder of Made by Ru

Anna Tomich - Former Student 2009 - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Anna Tomich

European Design Labs 2009

Founder of Lotocoho

Claudia Caviezel - Former Student 2009 - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Claudia Caviezel

European Design Labs 2009

Textile Design and Development at AKRIS

Davide Fichera - Former Student 2007 - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Davide Fichera

European Design Labs 2007

Co-founder of Fikera Studio


The Master of European Design Labs is planning three trips (domestic and international) during which design studios, exhibitions, educational institutions, museums, companies and research institutions that represent a fundamental tool in the training of Masters of Design and Innovation will be visited.

The presence of students in major cities provide them with a professional and academic network. It is, in short, a unique personal experience and a key form of commitment to their careers.

In previous editions our students visited destinations such as:

  • Milán: the epicentre of industrial design during the month of April, when the most important events centred around design take place such as the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Salone Satellite, Triennale, etc.
  • Barcelona: a city with a dynamic and open, typically Mediterranean, character, where students can participate in exciting workshops at companies.
  • Tokio: seen as a thriving center for creativity and culture, the Japanese capital has an art scene in constant motion and growth.


Workshops are creative events based on the combination of conceptual and practical exercises that allow students to discover new methodologies, strengthen teamwork dynamics and encourage a multidisciplinary approach, to apply the knowledge acquired during the course.
In the Master of European Design Labs the workshops are led by renowned European designers who work on exploring with students the strategies and specific aspects of design, from the analysis of new materials and their application to the public’s involvement in the design to conducting a reflection on different modes of inquiry.
Some of the workshops which have been conducted in previous editions include:

We Are - Pedro Ferreira - Workshop - European Design Labs - IED Madrid


Pedro Ferreira. Founder and Partner of Pedrita Studio.

Along with Pedro Ferreira, the students did research into how design can give shape to what we eat, where, when and why. At the same time, they have approached technological and communication changes that currently challenge the manufacture and mass production of the food we eat, and particularly investigated products from their places of origin.

From Abstract to Specific - mischer'traxler - Workshop - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

From Abstract to Specific

Mischer’Traxler (Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler). Product Designers

This workshop delved into the potential of abstraction to spark imagination and reach specific results. Tasks included quick experiments with basic and creative materials to achieve new objects, scenes, alternatives, art installations and spontaneous concepts.

Design Movements - Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners - Workshop - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Design Movements

Rogers Stirck Harbour and Partners, Architecture Studio.

Dentro del emblemático Domaine de Boisbuchet (Francia), los alumnos trataron la concepción del diseño desde el movimiento, y éste como acción que determina nuestra vida y relación con el medio ambiente.

Vista Alegre - Workshop - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Vista Alegre

Isabel Abreu (Project Manager at Vista Alegre Atlantis), Paloma Uriel (Architect) and Luisa González-Portillo (Architect).

The aim of the workshop was to design a collection of pieces in any of the materials with which the Portuguese company works (glass, ceramic and porcelain), based on their own interpretation of the company and its history.

Course file

Master of European Design Labs

  • Type of course : Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Language : English
  • School: Design
  • IED Credits: 90
  • Next Edition: Enero 2015
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Timetable : Morning-Afternoon M/F from 9.30 to 18.00 h
  • Assistance : Presencial
  • Qualification: Private At the end of the course, students will receive a diploma attesting to their satisfactory completion of the course.
  • Directed to : Professionals and semi-professionals in the world of design, communications, and fashion; anyone interested in exploring creative and innovative ways to approach creation from an interdisciplinary perspective. This Master is a multidisciplinary and international program, focusing on the development of design concepts.
  • Admission process : To access this program, students will be selected based on: • Updated curriculum vitae. • Certificate of studies (scanned original document). • Work portfolio (if you have one). • Motivation letter, explaining your interest in this programme. • Interview in person, by telephone or via Skype.
  • Enrollment rate: 4000
  • Course fee:: 18500
  • Information and admissions : información y admisiones

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