Job Placement International

The Professional Guidance Department at the IED Madrid offers the chance to establish a link between our students and companies:

1.The chance to carry out practical experience.

2.Orientation and advisory service for each student, to help them access the work market:

2.1.We add visibility to your CV, and help you structure information and arrange information correctly.

2.2.We help you prepare a portfolio in a professional way.

3.We help companies to select professional profiles from our students in the fields of design, visual communication and fashion.

4.We contribute to the development of your own projects and to the creation of companies by our students, through the network of professionals and infrastructures of the IED Madrid.


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El Sol Festival_IED Madrid

The Advertising Creativity Event. The Master of Communication Design Labs at the Bilbao Festival El Sol

The must-visit creativity event in Spain is El Sol, El Festival Iberoamericano de la Comunicación Publicitaria. This is an international multimedia event which brings together great Spanish and Latin American publicists, and was not to be missed by the students of the Master of Communication Design Labs.

9 de septiembre de 2014 → More

Tokio_IED Madrid

From Madrid to Tokyo. The Master of European Design Labs in the Land of the Rising Sun

Full of extravagance and uniqueness, Tokyo is a city which leaves nobody indifferent. In one of the wonderlands of design, where every object and service is thought out in detail, the students of the Master of European Design Labs enjoyed 8 days of inspiration.

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The Master of Product Design Labs visits the Barcelona Design Week

The Barcelona Design Week combined with the appeal of the city as a world reference point in the cultural realm, turned Barcelona into the perfect destination for one of the trips of the Master of Product Design Labs 2014.

5 de agosto de 2014 → More


Anna Tomich, a Former Student of the Master of European Design Labs, and Jorge López, Win the Mediterranean Fashion Prize

The Lotocoho brand continues its international expansion, attaining recognition for its success outside of Spain, receiving The Mediterranean Fashion Prize in Marseille, given by Chanel president Françoise Montenay.

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