Master of European Design Labs 2010 students visit Veneto

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The students of the Master of European Design Labs 2010 traveled to Veneto, one of the richest regions of Italy, in order to learn first-hand about the work of various avant-garde production centers. Throughout their stay, they were accompanied by different artisan and design professionals.

During the week of October 17-24, 2010, they visited the studios of Jaime Hayon, the Director of the Masters, in Camaló di Povegliano, as well as artist and illustrator Giorgia Ricci, and the facilities of Fabrica en Treviso. This trip had an eminently practical component, since various students were able to work on the design production for their thesis projects.

The first factory they visited was Bosa, specializing in ceramics, where Renée Rossouw commented her ideas with specialists and put them into practice while the other students aided in the process. In this very family-oriented company, the 15 employees welcomed students as if they were members of the team. The next visit was to Massimo Lunardon, where Matteo Zorzennoni, head of production at Jaime Hayon’s studio, introduced the students to this designer, who specializes in blown glass. After speaking with student Carissa Santoso about the final details of her design, he produced it in situ in front of the rest of the group. Finally, the Master’s coordinator, Gala Fernández, led them on a visit to the headquarters of Fabrica, a company she worked for for years. Other factories they visited include Bisazza and Nove, specializing in mosaic and ceramics.

The tour students took with Tommaso Tagliabue, Architectural History Professor at the University of Venice, was especially stimulating. He accompanied them to the Cementerio Brion-Vega and Gipsoteca Canoviana, by Carlo Scarpa, Villa Barbaro, by Palladio, and on a personalized itinerary through the city of Venice, where they also visited the Architecture Biennial and the gardens of Arsenale.

This trip was an enriching final point in the Master of European Design Labs 2010 trip itinerary.

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