Tradition and Innovation in Design with the Rakú oven technique

Por Laura Holgado - 21 de marzo de 2013 Archivado en News, Workshops.

The oldest traditions applied to innovative design always have a space in the Masters of Design and Innovation. On this occasion, a ceramics workshop has been carried out along with the expert Ana Ferichola, from the firm Anuscapetrusca, who allowed the students to enjoy first-hand experience of the Raku oven technique.

During the various sessions, the students of the Master of Product Design Labs delved into ceramics theory, beginning with its history and learning about the times and processes required by this material from the initial idea to the final project. The most practical part of the workshop involved the production of small clay pieces which were subsequently enamelled.

The Rakú process is based on the introduction of ceramic pieces in an oven at a temperature of 1000 °C. The pieces are taken out when they are red hot and placed in buckets of sawdust. This sudden change gives rise to interesting transformations in the material’s colour, cracks in the enamel, metallic colours, etc.

As Ferichola pointed out, “If you understand the process, it is easier to adapt the design, so that it suits the manufacturing process”. It is vitally important for designers to understand every stage of production, so that they can adapt to the process, give the appropriate instructions to artisans and ensure that the final product matches their original idea.





Program Leader: Clive van Heerden.
Start: January 2014.
Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 9. 30 to 18.00 h, distributed into lessons, tutorials, research and trips.
Language: the lessons are taught in English.




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