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Design as an Engine for Development and Innovation

Today, more than ever, there are many companies in all sectors, on a national and international level, that recognize the strategic value of design, beyond its aesthetic uses.

In creating their products, building their image and brand and conveying their proposals, design must be present in companies from the beginning, so that they may position themselves in the market and ensure a successful relationship with their target audience.

As has been revealed by a recent study by the European Commission (Implementing an Action Plan for Design-Driven Innovation, Brussels, 2013): “Design is increasingly recognised as a key discipline and activity to bring ideas to the market, transforming them into user-friendly and appealing products or services”.

This report also highlights the new role played by designers: professionals who are able to master the methodologies, techniques and tools that can be used at different stages of each process innovation to boost the value of new products and services. “More design-driven innovation and renewal in Europe needs research in which designers and design methods play a central role.”

In this context, education plays a key role to generate the profile of the new design professional. An expert who is able to carry out the development of a good project, based on the analysis of the market he or she wants to pursue, the knowledge of the needs and demands of the user and consumer, and the application of new technologies.

The IED Madrid takes on this training challenge, aware that design has the power and potential of actively interfering in the context, working with innovation and playing a role beyond an aesthetic vision. Thus, in the Masters of Design and Innovation our students are encouraged to learn to know how to think, produce, position themselves and communicate their proposals.

Think - Masters of Design and Innovation - IED Madrid

Know how to Think
To conceptualize and have a solid discourse when approaching any project.

Produce - Masters of Design and Innovation - IED Madrid

Know how to Produce
So that every action in a project is feasible within the resources and the real needs of the user.

Position - Masters of Design and Innovation - IED Madrid

Know how to Position Themselves

So that all project decisions are viable and successful in the market, creating opportunities and business models.

Communicate - Masters of Design and Innovation - IED Madrid

Know how to Communicate
So that each step is conveyed effectively and so that students find the appropriate way of becoming known in all types of media and networks.



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