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What is the Methodology of the Masters?

The Masters of Design and Innovation are programmes for study, work and research, methodologically supported by project culture and learning while doing, where the focus is on the spirit of action and participation.

They cover various activities in which individual work and team work is encouraged, as is the relationship with other disciplines, taking advantage of the exchange of knowledge, ideas, opinions and experiences as part of a stimulating and enriching training for further professional projection.

The content is developed on the basis of:

  • Seminars
    The seminars represent the need to establish solid knowledge bases to ensure the successful implementation of ideas.
  • Lectures and Case Studies
    These activities offer students the experiences of some of the most prominent figures in the professional realm.
  • Workshops
    Group activities where students have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the course and experiment with new tools on the basis of new approaches.
  • Visits
    They offer students the chance to visit a range of spaces of inspiration work and production where projects are developed and where contacts are established with industry professionals.
  • Trips
    The trips offer the opportunity to carry out practical activities and get to know a number of institutions, design studios,advertising agencies, fairs, museums, companies, etc. providing a global view and providing an extensive network of professional and academic contacts.
  • Tutorials
    Tutorials promote the best results for the thesis projects, thanks to the personalised monitoring by the tutors of the master. These professionals guide the students during the research process, establishing their knowledge and helping them cement their ideas.

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