I was born in Madrid in 1990, and I grew up there. Ever since I learnt my first word I’ve not been able to shut up, or to stop communicating. At the end of my degree in journalism from the Complutense University in Madrid, and after 2 years on a scholarship at communication agencies, both on- and offline, I thought the world of publishing was too serious and drab for me. As a result I did a 180 and landed in the publicity sector, joining the IED with the intention of changing my professional future. As a film lover with a passion for fashion, life passes through my mind as if it were scenes from a film, always trying for a happy ending, and I never stop dreaming. I try to get no more than 8 hours’ sleep each night; this way I can maximise my day: creating, discovering and inventing new things to do, always close to my family and friends, because life changes every second and you never know what you can find.