Federica was born Fermo, a small town of the Adriatic coast of Italy 25 years ago. She studied a B.S. in International Management at Bocconi University in Milan and just nished her M.A. in Strategic Design labs at IED Madrid. During the years of university, she pursued her university major with the clear objective of assimilating a conscious managerial approach to be able to combine her future career with her passions for art, photography, music and design. The combination creativity with an entrepreneurial interdisciplinary imprint, especially experiences, sense of belonging and smart cities, led her towards of myBarrio. Fede also collaborated with an event organization agency in Rome, which helped her develop knowledge of diverse elds, such as strategy, PR and event planning. After this she worked at Esserci Communication, a marketing and communications agency with strong engagement in cultural and creative events like theatres and fashion rms for the central Italian market. Among her passions for music, analogue photography, enogastronomy and design, her fascination for aesthetics and shapes has taken her creativity to the eld of branding in oral art and arrangements, which she currently manages as an Associate at Loewe.