I was born and brought up in India, I’m an Architect by profession and got my Bachelor’s in Architecture from M.S.Ramaiah Institute of technology, Bangalore, India. After my graduation, I worked with Dwar Eco design, a firm based in Bangalore associated with Mistry Architects. Under the guidance of Ar.Renu Mistry, who has won many national design awards, it has been a great place to start my career, working under some amazing Architects, who are always very open to new ideas and always looking forward to do things, which are innovative and sustainable. At Dwar as a team we have always focused on eco friendly designs and zero wastage. At construction site there is nothing called wastage, from debris to broken artifacts, to broken wooden barks we learnt to make best use of every thing that is available, in to our designs. As an Architect, I have always believed that, when you design a space, it is not just a building that you are designing but also the lifestyle of a person, which is a great responsibility, and we should work towards giving the best possible. With my Indian background, it would be no surprise to know my great love for colors and patterns, which reflect on my designs as well. Arts, Travel, Food, Photography, Music and anything that has to do with design, are my fields of interest. I believe in social responsibility in practice and giving back to the society through my designs. Whatever good things we build end up building us.