Craft & Product Design Lab

Masters of Design and Innovation - 11 months

  • School: Design

SUSTAINABILITY, DESIGN AND INNOVATION Materialise your ideas by applying creative innovation to materials and fabrication processes

  • School: Design
  • Start date: 13 January 2021
  • Language : English

    Craft & Product Design Lab

    In the Craft & Product Design Lab specialization students will learn how to research, develop and deliver a product to high technical and quality standards, using a methodology based on the project, to understand fully and in great detail the development of processes and industrial constraints.

    By providing access to industry tools, innovative materials and manufacturing processes, we create the ideal working environment for students, so that they can anticipate the needs of the market, looking for alternatives to the usual methods of solving problems, encouraging critical thinking and social awareness.

    Objectives of the Master of Design and Innovation

    1. Train agents capable of leading change
    2. Develop critical thinking
    3. Learn to coordinate and work in a team
    4. Be able to take professional responsibility and integrate environmental and social matters in their planning processes
    5. Be able to adapt to changes and to the evolution of new needs and new media
    6. Master project methodology and propose strategies and innovative solutions to problems in a range of spheres of action

    Objectives of the Craft & Product Design Labs

    The Craft & Product Design Labs specialization focuses on the materialization of ideas through available tools, creative innovation in materials and manufacturing processes and anticipating market demands. It trains designers with motivation and entrepreneurial initiative, able to work in the real world.

    1. Develop creative and innovative skills
    2. Activate critical and analytical thinking in social and business reality
    3. Predict and interpret trends and future scenarios
    4. Conceptualize, develop and communicate innovative ideas
    5. Research, built, prototype and implement projects
    6. Integrate business, sustainability and innovation
    7. Strengthen students’ identities as professionals who are able to work anywhere in the world
    8. Conceptualize, develop and generate ideas
    9. Add conceptual and technological innovation to products and processes
    10. Design products, systems and spaces in an international context
    11. Manage the logistics of a project
    12. Develop projects in multidisciplinary teams

    Educational structure

    The program includes a comprehensive curriculum with topics and examples where students will have the opportunity to discover a complete, professional and multidisciplinary vision of the sector. It is divided into contents that correspond to the skills each student will have acquired once the course has been completed.

    • Project
    • Sustainability
    • Leadership
    • Emergent trends
    • Digital and communication tools

    Why do we travel?

    The trips that students take as part of the Masters of Design of Innovation are more than just that. They are experiences that go beyond, creating key moments for learning and personal growth. These trips have the power to change students’ perception of design and innovation, providing them with opportunities to establish connections with the professional world and carrying out projects on the other side of the world.

    The students will first take a trip around Europe. This will situate them in the midst of the professional context of their speciality, and will give them the chance to get closer to important agencies and design studios, with workshops at prestigious companies, sharing experiences with true gurus of design, visiting large factories and keeping up with trends in the most innovative destinations for each discipline.

    Later, they will have the chance to take an intercontinental trip and take part in a range of projects with institutions from all over the world. Students themselves will choose which project they want to develop, depending on their interests, motivations within design and the subject matter chosen for their personal thesis. Designing, executing and communicating is more effective when it is carried out through a real and specific project. Additionally, these include a social aspect, full of sustainability values, befitting the needs of society today. One of the main characteristics will be the multi-disciplinary nature of the trip, which will be taken by students of the three master courses: a combination of talents to carry out social innovation projects which generate a positive impact in their realm of action.

    In the last edition of the Craft & Product Design Labs specialization students visited destinations such as Milan, Colombia, India or South Africa.


    Professional Opportunities

    • Senior Designer
    • Design Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Product Manager
    • Design Consultant
    • Freelance Designer




    Emergent Trends

    Digital & Communication Tools


    MDI Experience

    Course file

    Craft & Product Design Lab

    • Type of course : Masters of Design and Innovation
    • Language : English
    • School: Design
    • Start date: 13 January 2021
    • Duration: 11 months
    • Timetable : Morning-Afternoon
    • Attendance: In-person
    • Qualification: Private Upon completing the course, an accredited private diploma will be presented to students for the successful and satisfactory completion of the course.
    • Directed to : Designers working in any discipline, architects and engineers with academic and professional experience, who want to specialize and materialize an idea into a specific product or project. We recommend that participants arrive at the Masters with a project in mind, since the program offers them the ideal time and place to do it. This Master is a multidisciplinary and international program, on the frontier between design and production.
    • Admission process : To access this program, students will be selected based on: • Updated curriculum vitae. • Certificate of studies (scanned original document). • Work portfolio (if you have one). • Motivation letter, explaining your interest in this programme. • It is essential to have medium-high oral and written level in English. • Interview in person, by telephone or via Skype.
    • Enrollment rate: 4000 €
    • Course Fee: 20500 €

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