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Master of Communication Design Labs

Masters of Design and Innovation - 1 year

STRATEGIC POSITIONING, DESIGN AND INNOVATION - Identify challenges and opportunities in the new paradigm of communication

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Master of Communication Design Labs

The Master of Communication Design Labs offers the keys to managing the complexity of the interconnected disciplines that are explored during the creative process. Students will learn to master linguistic resources and applications, to lead interdisciplinary teams in communication projects.

The Master aims to raise the professional profile of students so that they can be part of new business structures, where concepts and language are ever closer. The near constant exchange between students and teachers (active professionals with wide experience in the field of communication) enhances the processes of innovation and creativity that characterise this master. 

Career opportunities: Creative director. Account manager. Marketing director. Brand manager. Strategic director. Conceptual director.

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Objectives - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid

The platform of the Masters of Design and Innovation is designed so that all the students of the four masters are able to work in the following fields:

  • The development of products and services using both theoretical and technical skills
  • Knowledge of innovation processes
  • The strategic foundation for business success: communication, opportunities and market positioning, brand value and corporate image

In particular, the Master of Communication Design Labs shape the creative director of the new times, a professional can identify and build lasting concepts, strategies of designing mainline and, above all, to lead complex, collaborative processes and directing large teams multidisciplinary.

The student will learn to:

  • Conceptualize, develop and communicate innovative ideas
  • Lead multi-disciplinary teams
  • Build and communicate enduring concepts
  • Design long term strategies
  • Establish personal contacts with a range of professionals from the creative realm
  • Despecialise and unlearn to take a broader view

Professional Opportunities

Professional Opportunities - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid

The main professional opportunities sought after completing the Master’s include:

  • Creative Director
  • Accounts Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Brand Manager
  • Strategic Director
  • Conceptual Designer




Emergent Trends

Digital & Communication Tools



The Master of Communication Design Labs is coordinated and supervised at all times by international figures from several sectors: advertising, communication and market strategies, consultancy, design, etc.

Ugo Ceria

Ugo Ceria

Program Leader of the Master. Creative Strategist at Facebook for Southern Europe

“We train professionals who will play a key role in the changing future of communications. We want them to understand the revolutionary time communications and the media are going through as well as offering them a working environment that is similar to the business reality: an effective platform for the specialisation of students.”

David Standley - Unit Coodinator - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid.jpg

David Standley

Unit Coordinator and Tutor of the Master, Creative Director at DMA Partners Design Consultancy

Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He has worked with Nelville Brody and Ian Swift “Swifty” and contributed to important publications. He was editor and owner of Accent magazine, editor and art director of Diario 16 and designed annual reports for companies such as Telecinco and Grupo Mahou.


Former Students

Juan Felipe Dueñas - Former Student 2013 - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid

Juan Felipe Dueñas

Communication Design Labs 2013

Art Director at Grey Group

Dominique Alessandra Garcia - Former Student 2013 - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid

Dominique Garcia

Communication Design Labs 2013

Communication Designer at DMA Partners Consultancy

Mónica Ortiz Chávez - Former Student 2012 - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid

Mónica Ortiz Chávez

Communication Design Labs 2012

Senior Brand Strategist at SUB Design

Javier Díaz Bencomo - Former Student 2012 - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid

Javier Díaz Bencomo

Communication Design Labs 2012

Communication and Graphic Design at Pull&Bear

Adela Martínez - Former Student 2011 - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid

Adela Martínez Ríos

Communication Design Labs 2011

Strategic Planning at Havas Worldwide

Mirco Colonna - Former Student 2011 - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid

Mirco Colonna

Communication Design Labs 2011

Co-founder of Me post branding


The Master of Communication Design Labs is planning two international trips during which design studios, exhibitions, educational institutions, museums, companies and research institutions that represent a fundamental tool in the training of Masters of Design and Innovation will be visited.

The presence of students in major cities provide them with a professional and academic network. It is, in short, a unique personal experience and a key form of commitment to their careers.

In previous editions our students visited destinations such as:

  • Bilbao: A cocktail of architecture, tradition, leisure and culture, along with the Festival El Sol, the main Latin American advertising communications event.
  • London: The capital of design during the London Design Festival week, packed with cultural and artistic life.
  • San Francisco and Silicon Valley: The cradle of the best technological companies, which welcomes both large corporations and start-ups, motivated by a unique, enterprising ecosystem.

Course file

Master of Communication Design Labs

  • Type of course : Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Language : English
  • School: Visual Communication
  • Start date: February 2018
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Timetable : Morning-Afternoon
  • Attendance: in-person
  • Qualification: Private At the end of the course, students will receive a private diploma attesting to their satisfactory completion of the course.
  • Directed to : Professionals and graduates in any of the disciplines in which the world of commercial communications has become fragmented, from traditional into interactive advertising, public relations, marketing, graphic design and product design. This Master is a multidisciplinary and international program, on the frontier between design and communications.
  • Admission process : To access this program, students will be selected based on: • Updated curriculum vitae. • Certificate of studies (scanned original document). • Work portfolio (if you have one). • Motivation letter, explaining your interest in this programme. • It is essential to have medium-high oral and written level in English. • Interview in person, by telephone or via Skype.
  • Enrollment rate: 4000 €
  • Course Fee: 20000 €
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