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Master of Product Design Labs

Masters of Design and Innovation - 1 year

SUSTAINABILITY, DESIGN AND INNOVATION Materialise your ideas by applying creative innovation to materials and fabrication processes

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Master of Product Design Labs

In the Master of Product Design Labs students will learn how to research, develop and deliver a product to high technical and quality standards, using a methodology based on the project, to understand fully and in great detail the development of processes and industrial constraints.

By providing access to industry tools, innovative materials and manufacturing processes, we create the ideal working environment for students, so that they can anticipate the needs of the market, looking for alternatives to the usual methods of solving problems, encouraging critical thinking and social awareness.

Career opportunities: Senior designer. Design manager. Project manager. Product manager. Design consultant. Freelance designer.


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Objectives - Product Design Labs - IED Madrid

The platform of the Masters of Design and Innovation is designed so that all the students of the four masters are able to work in the following fields:

  • The development of products and services using both theoretical and technical skills
  • Knowledge of innovation processes
  • The strategic foundation for business success: communication, opportunities and market positioning, brand value and corporate image

The Master of Product Design Labs creates favourable conditions in which to achieve, over a year of learning and experience, the following objectives:

  • Leading multidisciplinary teams during the production process
  • Establishing personal contacts with various professionals
  • Managing the logistics of a project
  • Conceptualizing, developing and communicating innovative ideas
  • Incorporating innovation, both conceptual and technological


Professional Opportunities

Proffesional Opportunities - Product Design Labs - IED Madrid

The main professional opportunities sought after completing the Master’s include:

  • Senior Designer
  • Design Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Design Consultant
  • Freelance Designer




Emergent Trends

Digital & Communication Tools



Clive Van Heerden

Clive van Heerden

Program Leader of the Master, Co-founder of VHM Design Futures

“This Masters programme concentrates on ‘Why’ we make products – where materials are sourced, the social contexts they will impact and the people engaged in the their conversion into useful solutions as much it looks at ‘How’ we apply appropriate skills in our daily activities.”

Veronica Bello - Tutora Product Design Labs

Verónica Bello

Service Designer at Designit and Creative Director at Miúdo

Architect and Service Designer. Over her 10 years of professional experience, she has developed a great range of projects. From her early work as an architect specialising in restoration and retail to her more recent experience at Designit as a service designer, where she has worked with clients such as L’Oréal, Sephora, Leroy Merlin and Telefónica, among others.

Former Students

Galo Carbajo - Former Student 2014 - Product Design Labs - IED Madrid

Galo Carbajo

Product Design Labs 2014

Architect, Co-founder of Carbajo Hermanos

Farah Salwa Mawlawi - Former Student 2013 - Product Design Labs - IED Madrid

Farah Salwa Mawlawi

Product Design Labs 2013

Interior Architect and Product Designer at Century 21 Department Stores

Humberto Navarro - Former Student 2013 - Product Design Labs - IED Madrid

Humberto Navarro

Product Design Labs 2013

Founder of Unamo Design

Fabio Molinas - Staff - Masters of Design and Innovation - IED Madrid

Fabio Molinas

Product Design Labs 2012

Founder of Studio Fabio Molinas

Andrea Génova - Former Student 2012 - Product Design Labs - IED Madrid

Andrea Génova

Product Design Labs 2012

Founder of Andrea Génova Studio

Lina Giraldo - Former Student 2012 - Product Design Labs - IED Madrid

Lina Giraldo

Product Design Labs 2012

Gastronomic Designer and Founder of LinaGiraldo


The Master of Product Design Labs is planning two international trips during which design studios, exhibitions, educational institutions, museums, companies and research institutions that represent a fundamental tool in the training of Masters of Design and Innovation will be visited.

The presence of students in major cities provide them with a professional and academic network. It is, in short, a unique personal experience and a key form of commitment to their careers.

In previous editions our students visited destinations such as:

  • Milan: the epicentre of industrial design during the month of April, where the most relevant events around design take place like the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Salone Satellite, La Triennale, etc.
  • Barcelona: a city with a dynamic and open, typically Mediterranean, character, where students can participate in exciting workshops at companies.
  • Hong Kong: a place with multiple personalities and a very creative tradition, in which students can discover new forms and design trends.

Course file

Master of Product Design Labs

  • Type of course : Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Language : English
  • School: Design
  • Start date: February 2018
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Timetable : Morning-Afternoon
  • Attendance: in-person
  • Qualification: Private Upon completing the course, an accredited private diploma will be presented to students for the successful and satisfactory completion of the course.
  • Directed to : Designers working in any discipline, architects and engineers with academic and professional experience, who want to specialize and materialize an idea into a specific product or project. We recommend that participants arrive at the Masters with a project in mind, since the program offers them the ideal time and place to do it. This Master is a multidisciplinary and international program, on the frontier between design and production.
  • Admission process : To access this program, students will be selected based on: • Updated curriculum vitae. • Certificate of studies (scanned original document). • Work portfolio (if you have one). • Motivation letter, explaining your interest in this programme. • It is essential to have medium-high oral and written level in English. • Interview in person, by telephone or via Skype.
  • Enrollment rate: 4000 €
  • Course Fee: 20000 €
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