Since I can remember I’ve felt the drive to explore day-to-day life through creativity. When choosing my career I couldn’t overlook my passion to create, to make new things, to reflect back upon that curiosity that captured me since childhood. Subsequently, I studied Industrial Design at UIA Mexico, where I learnt to approach each project in careful and well-founded manner. I gained an outstanding distinction for some projects I developed, such as the Motorola Project and the Braun Prize, where I came out elected. Since 2008 my professional experience has also involved Interior Design, where I’ve enjoyed creating spaces that respond to the real needs of those who move within or inhabit them. I began working for Vitra and Herman Miller, to then start NUBA - my own studio, driven from the idea that each project should be unique and portray its own personality and character, accomplishing that perfect-match with the user and what he wishes to transmit. The projects range from furniture and product design; to residential, commercial, office, medical practice and restaurant spaces among other interior design projects. When a new task motivates my curiosity it is with enthusiasm and passion that I get the job done. For me each project is an opportunity to ask ‘Why not?’.