I’m Laura Perdomo Cadena, born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1992. Studied Fashion Design and Marketing in Arturo Tejada Cano School in Bogotá. Spent most of my college time volunteering for more than three years in AIESEC, an NGO for students where I felt I have learned the most so far, being the leader for planning and executing social projects with foreigners, learning not only about management and professional skills but also personal development skills like emotional intelligence and resilience. Most of my professional experience is in advertising, where I had the amazing opportunity to learn from a different field with a great team and luckily, a great client. Recently discovered that I’m not pleased being categorized as “fashion designer” or as any label, I feel passionate about learning from everything I possibly can, it does not matter the field it is in that is why I instinctively chose this master, to be able to use design in any field as a solution with positive impact in society.