I come from the cold city of Curitiba, in the south of Brasil, and there I had my Bachelor of Product Design at the Federal University of Paraná. I’ve had some experience in different fields, such as product and graphic design, illustration and publicity. But I can say that my best professional achievement was while working as a product designer for Ricsen Ltda., a company that put me in touch with Sanrio, Walt Disney and Warner Bros. When I was a kid I didn’t want to grow up because I didn’t want to lose my toys and the enchantment that surrounded my childhood. Guess what? I became a designer. I’m not sure if design can change the world, but it can definitely give you a “!” moment and that’s already something. I’m fascinated by the small pleasures in life and that’s what I want to bring to my professional career. I like packing, bubble tea, rodents and the smell of wood. I dislike lack of imagination.