Lina Soufi is a digital and strategic designer from Lebanon. In her undergraduate degree in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media she has been exposed to various subjects related to a great diversity of design facets, such as technology, interaction and creation. She is able to create digital products based on her undergraduate experience and personal interest in the field. Yet it has always occurred to her that an overall combination and understanding of business, strategy and innovation altogether was missing. So she did her Masters degree in Strategic design Labs where her passion and love for design thinking and human centered design started growing. Her strategic thinking helps her spot the holistic approach of a project and evolves it by adding new business ideas, innovations and values that meet the users needs. She believes that linking technology and design is what our contemporary world is about; whilst technology is the door to new possibilities and creations, design would be the primary tool for resourceful answers and solutions. Stories and experiences, whether intellectual, emotional or aesthetical, are the core elements of a good design. We live in a global era of technology and innovation, where business is the core of all actions and interactions, and where design and its principles are constantly being shaped by our changing societies and mindsets. With an exceptional motivation, she likes to embrace every opportunity she gets to evolve and expand her knowledge in these fields. She is currently based in Madrid and available for freelance work.