I’m multidisciplinary designer & art director born in Moscow. I began my career as a graphic designer after graduating Moscow State University of Print Art where I studied art of book design as a system of visual language which provide enduring communication with audience. Soon I began to be interested in branding because it develops a visual system, which works not only in long time term but also in different forms and objects. That is why I proceed my career in Depot WPF – one of the Russian’s most awarded branding agencies. Working there I got a considerable experience working with different kind of clients from small businesses to big corporations. Later I decided to work individually as a freelancer and continue to work this way till present day. My contemporary approach to design is the combination of commitment to execution and the desire to create lasting, enduring work. My goal has always been to deliver the best results possible, that is way I am making afford to be inventive and experimental in my work solutions. Together with design I’m interested in photography and aspire to combine in my work different fields, as I believe that on the intersection of it could be fined something fascinating.