Merve Önder was born in Ankara in 1984. She graduated from İstanbul’s Yeditepe University with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. Her interests include oil painting, which she practiced through a group exhibition during her stay at University. After graduation she moved to England for an immersive English language experience. Upon returning to Turkey, she began work as part of the Harmony Design Studio in İstanbul under the guidance of a master architect, Nedret Erençin. During this time, she is proud to have tailor made furniture designs for many customers with specific and varied tastes. During her years of service at Harmany Design, she enjoyed many opportunities to work with many craftsmen. It is through this experience that she become more engaged and interested into product design. During her time off, she would frequently travel the world. Her belief is that travel is a valuable tool as a learning application for designers in order to be able to apply targeted design solutions and utilize ideas from outside your region. Due to her travels, she has found that she is better able to target the needs by providing design solutions to a wider demographic range of customers.