Cargando Cargando

Fashion Designer and consultant, Nayeh Han, born in Korea, lived in Toronto, Vancouver, Paris and New York. My inspirations and idea comes from all the experiences and life styles that I have encountered throughout the years. Because of the experiences I have acquired working in both New York and Paris, the biggest fashion cities in the World; I understand the concept of how major fashion firms are organized and developed. After more than 14 years working and studying in the global fashion industry, I have noticed that the activities of fashion companies are not always efficient and for the best. Due to the astoundingly fast phase nature of the fashion business, it often neglects several business issues, in particular, reducing fashion production waste. Thus, I decided to channel all of my experience toward a new venture: e-commerce crowdfunding Fashion Company. My business is designed to solve, my pain, industry’s pain and customers pain point. Is help customer’s fine efficient clothing and also help industry to reduce waste during production. Ever since I walked into fashion world, my longtime dream was to create best workplace that company have healthy and vibrant working culture.