I’m a Colombian woman, passionate about creating and imagining a world where design allows me to transform and innovate spaces and real-life settings, where design would be generous with others and with oneself, creating responsibility with my designs. The risk: feeling alive, feeling my heart racing, the sensation of blood pumping, generating expectations, the adrenaline rush, to experiment, to play, to laugh and to have fun with everything that surrounds me: shapes, colours, textures, materials, smells and sounds. To see every new day as a challenge to be better, to see the whole panorama and what is behind me, to be capable of seeing the positive in difficult times, and to have the strength to overcome obstacles. Starving for new knowledge and learning every day. Ever since I was small I’ve been hyperactive, unable to keep my hands still, always trying to transmit feelings and emotions through craftwork. I’ve done freelance work in areas such as restoration and intervention in external and internal spaces, as well as landscaping. I graduated in interior design from the La Salle College International, with a masters in design and innovation from the European Design Lab at the IED. I’m a person that finds freedom and pleasure by being in contact with nature. I’m rejuvenated by dancing, singing, whistling, writing, playing, doing extreme sports and helping others.