I was studying mathematics, but during my study I understood, that I want to be a designer. I started working as designer and art-director, making everything - from promo websites to advertisement and branding. In 2010 looking for more complex projects I started working for Afisha publishing house , where as designer an art director developed afisha.ru with more than 6.000.000 visitors per month, designed Afisha app (featured in Russian Appstore) and online air tickets platform Avia.Rambler with unique interface. Thinking of design as a product, in 2014 I joined small team working on mobile application Luka which is recommendation system, based on text chat interface. Luka is featured in TechCrunch, Wired, Pandodaily and TNW. Nevertheless interested in conceptual design as a blend between science and art, I enrolled in IED MDI program to continue my personal development.