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A window to the future. Exhibition of the Masters of Design and Innovation

11/11/2017 a 20/11/2017 - 10:00 a 22:00 - Masters of Design and Innovation

  • Place : IED Master
  • Address : Larra, 14 28004 Madrid --Select--

The future lies in design and innovation. Come to discover it through the journey taken by our students over the whole year of the Masters of Design and Innovation 2017. An exhibition made up of the projects by the young creatives, in a stage designed by Lucas Muñoz.

unique show which conveys the current scene in the field of corporate, product and communication design. Conceived as project laboratories, the Masters of Design and Innovation have created the right context to promote divergent thinking and analyse current design from different perspectives, training professionals capable of facing the challenges posed by the global market and contemporary society in the areas of product design, communication, production, design concepts and business strategies.

See the future of brand design, product and communication!



Communication Design Labs

Exhibition Masters of Design and Innovation 2017

Beatriz Andrade Losada | Juan Pablo Castañeda Arango | Agustina Chio Dávalos | Lara Sophia Evers | Gabriela Fariña | Muhieddline Ghlayini | Mariana Jordan Gartner | Fernando Montiel Castro | María Vitoria Silva Monti | Alev Takil | Adam Royce Viney


Product Design Labs

Exhibition Masters of Design and Innovation 2017

Marta Aguirre Alonso | Karine Daouk | Theron Arden Hawley | Sandra Herrera | Daniel Medina Vásconez | Caline Nabil Najm | Paulina Ortiz Rivadeneira | Selmin Deniz Oz Karagozoglu | Laura Reglero Cernuda | Marina Stefan Rozas


Strategic Design Labs

Exhibition Masters of Design and Innovation 2017

Alejandra Aguilera Cano | Andrés Barrios Masías | Daniela Beltrán Londoño | Belgi Bircan | Giuliana Dongo | Andrés E. Merola Brewer | M. Concepción Moreno Durán | M. José Otárola Muñoz | Natalia Peralta Estrada | David W. Salazar | Nicolas Slinger García | Gabriela Jimenez | María Luisa Espinos Iglesias



IED Master | Calle Larra, 14

From 11 to 22 de diciembre
Opening ceremony: Wednesday, December 13 at 8:00 p.m.