Embrace the change. Exhibition of the Masters of Design and Innovation 2018

10/12/2018 a 21/12/2018 - 10:00 a 20:00 - Masters of Design and Innovation

  • Place : IED Master
  • Address : Larra, 14 28004 Madrid --Select--

“Embrace the Change is a summary of the journey of the students of the Masters of Design and Innovation over a year of personal and professional experimentation. An exhibition of the multidisciplinary, specific and personal projects led by young creatives in a scenario devised by Japi Contonente.

The ecosystem created by the Masters of Design and Innovation generates new dynamic and interdisciplinary working methods that encourage new opportunities for collaboration and interaction between designers and organisations in the productive, business, social and institutional sectors, both locally and internationally.

A showcasing of the new role of the figure of the designer as an active agent for change within the company and society, understanding design as a generator for innovation and sustainable development in the creation of new solutions in a changing global society.

IED Master | Calle Larra, 14

From 10 to 21 December
Opening Ceremony: Thursday, 13 December at 8 PM





Isabel Maldonado Fajardo (Shut Up & Listen) | Celia Martínez Marco (Visionistas, by Alain Afflelou) | Magdalena Anna Puchalska (Reframe) | Meltem Naz Baris (Lºcalize) | Vanessa Cabrera Figueredo (Jepirach) | Andrés Córdova Aguiar (Memory Well) | José Miguel Dias Fernandes (Organic Waste Separation) | Paula Girón Lafuente (nest: a second life to home waste) | Anand Kunhikrishnan Nayanar (Beating Anxiety) | Eugenio Wilfried Pérez de Lema Bühl (GesiBox) | Inês Ramos Correia Costa (Minimal Kids) | Carlota Rodríguez Gallo (Supernormal Exercise) | Brenda Summers Piaggio (Unplug) | Christian Urrego Sabogal (Cooking Without Looking) | Suzanne Balima (Lively Curiosities) | Mariana Bracho Peregrina (Milk Moon Mama / Ser Mamá) | Manuela Briceño Bello (Gaita Travel) | Juan David León (10 Films) | Danilo Della Torre Conti (Empact Network) | Mauricio Gianpierre Guillén Alfaro (Origina) | María Valeria Ledesma Bohl (Coherent) | Eduardo Lima (Ricordi) | Stephany Macedo Senmache (Skilltrade) | Andrea Martín Torruco (The new “Obrador San Javier”) | Marta Ortiz Pérez (Las Doñas) | Ania Pamplona Bada (Laya) | Thiago Rodrigues Rezende Leite (B-Maestro) | Laura Santana (Healrr) | Juan Sebastián Sierra Ramírez (Bite-sized)


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