A double challenge: science and entrepreneurship at the Master of Strategic Design Labs

On this occasion, the students of the Master of Strategic Design Labs had to face a double challenge in the seminar given by Ioanis Sarris, which was made up of a range of theoretical and practical sessions which combined science and entrepreneurship.

Ioanis Sarris, a doctor in palaeontology, entrepreneur, researcher, blogger and music producer, is known for his multidisciplinary work, which is directed toward innovation. He is also the founder of Bakaliko and the co-founder of enCaminarte.

The researcher maintains that science and entrepreneurship are highly evolutive systems which share more than we might think. In both fields, the internal creative process and their interaction with the social context are critical factors to assure successful results.

With the seminar given to the students of the Master of Strategic Design Labs, Ioanis aimed to highlight, via an objective perspective, the potential common denominators of both fields, so that the students gain useful tools to develop their projects.

Through a range of modules, they looked at issues such as the predictability of science in business initiatives and the way in which scientific research can be applied to entrepreneurship. All of this was based on a very interesting perspective which students will be able to apply to their thesis projects.

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