Binding Universes workshop. The Master of European Design Labs connects systems with Gionata Gatto

Exploring different individual systems made up of people and products, and their qualities and limits, was the aim of the workshop Binding Universes in which took part the students of the Master of European Design Labs with Gionata Gatto, the coordinator of the third unit of the masters: Collective Communities.

Gionata Gatto is an Italian designer who is currently working in Rotterdam, and who has a very unique approach to design. In his works he questions the meaning of quotidian products, leading to narrative explorations linked to production processes, materials, artefacts and services.

During Collective Communities, the students focused their studies on the concept of community and its development in the digital era. They reflected on the limits that used to exist and have now disappeared, such as those defined by geography, which no longer impede the spread of knowledge or people communicating from anywhere in the world.

The idea of the workshop was to analyse the way in which design can help communication between separate ecosystems. All of this was carried out through the creation of an interface whose aim is to support multiple connections between individual networks. The results of these days of work, research and reflection were a series of conceptual products which linked disconnected universes and systems with no shared language.

The student Marzia Fattorini, for example, sought to connect the plants system with that of humans in her project The Vegetalized Artefacts, to see the way in which communities reacted when mutually absorbed, to create a symbiotic relationship over time. During this work for the workshops she created a series of “living hybrid”, by combining succulent plants with domestic objects, connected through grafts and artisan techniques.

A conceptual work which gives our problem solvers the necessary tools to reach solutions from a different perspective.

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