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Creating a fairer world through design. Collaboration with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer

“Small good actions add up and become huge”
Vicente Ferrer

Vicente Ferrer used to say that it wasn’t enough to understand poverty—it must be erradicated, and this is the challenge faced by the young creatives in the 2017 Masters of Design and Innovation.

The students will collaborate with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer on the IDT Project (Integrated Development Trust). An initiative which emerged in 2001 as a response to the need to combat the discrimination suffered by women with functional disabilities in rural areas in India. Thanks to this project, around 300 women work in live-in workshops where they learn a trade, earn a fair salary and gain self-esteem and independence.

On the basis of the learning by doing philosophy that characterises the Masters of Design and Innovation, the students will travel to Anantapur (India) to get to know in situ the great work carried out by the foundation.

Their mission will be to define new strategies for the positioning of the Integrated Development Trust Project, and the improvement of the current working conditions of workers. They will face the challenge of creating a comprehensive communication campaign and develop new product lines for the store of the Fundación Vicente Ferrer.

A journey to the land of colours and contrasts which will become an essential experience for learning and personal growth. The students will discover the real India with the FVF and, through design and innovation they will contribute to the creation of sustainable solutions that are adapted to the true needs of the Indian population.



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