Sustainability and design as added value for brands

Lectures by Victoria de Pereda in the tenth edition of the Convention of Exporters of Ecuador: "Sustainability as a proposal for the future of exports".

Victoria de Pereda, director of the Masters of Design and Innovation at IED Madrid, has participated in the tenth edition of the Convention of Exporters of Ecuador based on the theme: "Sustainability as a proposal for the future of exports".  A series of lectures on sustainability and design as added value for brands.

Victoria was named one of the most influential women of the year by the publication L'Officiel in 2017. Particularly noteworthy among her work to make the world a more sustainable place are the creation in 2010 of the Sustainability Area of IED Madrid, the creation of To Dodesign and the management of the Masters of Design and Innovation.

As an expert in sustainable development, during her participation in the Convention of Exporters, Victoria stated the importance of sustainability within the brand strategy. Companies need to understand their commitment to society and the environment, as well as their relationship with the health of ecosystems and the economy.

Being a sustainable brand goes beyond the marketing of feeling good or using recycled materials. Companies must integrate sustainability into all their processes, driving greater efficiency, with it being part of their short and long-term strategic planning from start to finish.

The sustainable development of a brand requires a culture of innovation and the incorporation of new expert profiles in new methods, technologies and ideas. Educational programmes such as the Masters of Design and Innovation train professionals capable of facing the new challenges posed by the global market and contemporary society.

Since the concept of sustainable development was first introduced in 1987 by the Bruntland Commission, the situation has worsened, new threats have emerged, and, with them, new opportunities for companies. Greater awareness and better understanding of the concept today make sustainability an added value for brands.

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