Creative concepts in record time. Workshop with Alejandro Masferrer at the Master of Communication Design Labs

In small groups, the students dealt with a real briefing for the brand AIAIAI developing a final presentation for the customer in record time: 20 hours. The teacher Alejandro Masferrer tells us about the workshop and its results.

Any commercial communication process requires creatives to follow different creative stages: the definition of the creative strategy, the development of concepts and ideas that shape the strategy and the selection of channels in which to carry it out.

The students of the Master of Communication Design Labs delved into the second stage of the process along with the designer Alejandro Masferrer. How to create innovative concepts? How to generate valuable ideas to offer solutions to business problems? Can all this be done in just one week?

In small groups, the students dealt with a real briefing for the brand AIAIAI developing a final presentation for the customer in record time: 20 hours. The teacher Alejandro Masferrer tells us about the workshop and its results:

Can you tell us about the Think Conceptually workshop?
It was an intense week during which we tried to teach the students to produce and present ideas very quickly.
The challenge was finding at least one solution to the brief in 20 workshop hours, and to present it to the customer.

What was the brief the students had to respond to? Can you tell us about the results?
The brief we presented was how to make the AIAIAI firm (a Danish company that produces earphones for musicians) come closer to the mainstream audience. At present the brand is centred on a specific and minority audience. The challenge was to convey it to a larger and more global target audience.
The results were highly professional projects and ideas that did not look as though they were the result of only 20 hours of work. With a very digital and user-centred focus, the responses to the brief were exactly what we were looking for: a fresh and new approach to the problems faced by the firm.

Which resources were used to promote creative concepts and ideas quickly?
Having a strong and united team is key to making the most of the available time, so our workshop was 50% focused on working well as a team, and 50% on learning to use different, dynamic and technology-centred tools and creativity processes.

You founded The Pop Up Agency, an agency with some peculiarities. Tell us about it and its objectives.
We are a very young agency and we try to respond in a different way from the traditional focus of other advertising agencies.
We are nomadic (we constantly move from one location to another) and we resolve briefs in only 48 hours. So when a customer knocks on our door, they get a solution in just two days. Our aim is to work in the creative field at high speed, proving that our generation has a lot to offer when it comes to doing things in a different way.


The Seville-born designer and entrepreneur Alejandro Masferrer has founded an independent record label, a small firm of temporary tattoos, a fanzine, etc. but it was not until he moved to Stockholm, Sweden, that he found a project to which he would devote himself in a professional way: The Pop Up Agency, a new kind of agency that is revolutionising creativity in the world of advertising.


Photography: The Pop Up Agency


Program Leader: Ian Crocombe.
Start: January 2015.
Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 18.00 h, distributed between lessons, tutorials, research and trips.
Language: all the lessons are taught in English.

(+34) 91 448 04 44
Skype: master.iedmadrid


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