A village on the edge of the Amazon, where there are no cars, is the ideal destination to discover successful models for sustainable development. Puerto Nariño, the heart of the Colombian Amazon, was the destination chosen by the Masters of Design and Innovation to collaborate with the Fundación Omacha on the conservation of the Amazon.

The Omacha Foundation is an environmental NGO which aims to study, research into and preserve the fauna and aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in Colombia.

An opportunity to learn and grow professionally, collaborating with social projects using design and innovation. The young talents from the three programmes came together to come up with sustainable solutions within the areas of product design, communication, production, design concepts and business strategies.




 Day 1. Arrival in Puerto Nariño

After a long trip, the young creatives arrived in Puerto Nariño known as “the crib of Colombia in the jungle”. It is the second municipality in the Amazon Department and has a recycling system which could be used as an example the world over, as well as being the top destination for sustainable tourism in Colombia.

Day 2. Discovering the Amazon

The creatives took a trip to Lake Tarapoto, where the pink dolphins of the Amazon are born and grow, they visited the wetlands of the Convención de Ramsar and met with the Lake Guards.

Day 3. Meeting with indigenous tribes

Puerto Mariño is home to the indigenous reservations of the Ticuna and Yagua tribes, and the students had the chance to get to know their day-to-day lives in the rural community, discovering their customs and way of life.

Day 4. Meeting with the Mayor

The Mayor of Puerto Mariño welcomed the Masters of Design and Innovation with the warmth that characterises this place and gave them the chance to expand their research on the community and its needs.

Day 5. Colors and Peru

The creatives took a Pigments Workshop with local women and got to know sustainable local projects, such as that carried out by Hewlett Packard with local women and resources. Additionally, the location of Puerto Nariño in the Amazonian Trapeze allowed them to cross the border into Caballococha (Peru).

Day 6. The Colombian Amazon

The living nature of the Amazon is a World Heritage Site, and the students visited the Natural Park of Amacayacu, the ideal place to enjoy the fauna, flora and sunset.

Day 7. Presentation of projects

After a few days living in the community of Puerto Mariño, the students met up with the Fundación Omacha to present their projects on possible economic improvements in the community and the preservation of the pink dolphins.

Days 8 y 9. Return to the city 

The creatives travelled to Leticia, the capital of the Amazon Department, where they visited local markets, the Malecón Turístico and the University, and where they enjoyed the local culture and cuisine.



The master's promise and what attracted me to it was: "becoming the leaders of change through design and innovation". This trip states the truth of these promise, now it's delivered, so the students can state that IED is actually creating a generation of professional change makers and social innovators.

It was a trip with a purpose which made it prefect. I will remember every second, thank you IED for such an opportunity. This trip was the highlight of my master year! 


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