A trip to India is an unforgettable experience, a visit to a unique country full of colour and contrasts, which the Masters of Design and Innovation students enjoyed along with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer.

The young creatives collaborated with the NGO for development on the IDT Project for Crafts and Fair Trade, which emerged to fight against the serious discrimination suffered by women with disabilities in rural India.

An opportunity to learn and grow professionally, collaborating with social projects using design and innovation. The young talents from the three programmes came together to come up with sustainable solutions within the areas of product design, communication, production, design concepts and business strategies.

These projects respond to the real needs of the foundation and the Indian population. As Vicente Ferrer used to say, “Poverty is not there to be merely understood; it is there to be solved”.




Photo Credits: David Salazar




Day 1, 2 and 3. Arrival in Bangalore, contact with sustainable livelihoods and visits with innovation projects

The first contact with the country was the city known as the Silicon Valley of India, the home to many international technology companies. A cosmopolitan and contradictory capital that has not stopped growing in recent years. The creatives walked through its streets, gardens, palaces and the different markets of the "Pete Area", where the epicentre of business and commerce for locals and visitors is located.
In addition, they had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Industree, a foundation that comprehensively addresses the root causes of poverty in the country, the innovation and design firm Moonraft and the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

Day 4. Arrival at the Vicente Ferrer Foundation

After months of research on the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and its RDT (Rural Development Trust) project, the creatives travelled to Anantapur, the city where the foundation is located, to learn about the great work the organization does in improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged communities in India.

Day 5 A day with women in Bukkarayasamudram

The Masters of Design and Innovation collaborate with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in the creation of a fairer world through design. The students visited the Bukkarayasamudram campus to study the workshops in situ and meet the women with disabilities who produce eco-crafts with papier mache, "arakanut" (dried leaves of Areca palm) and recycled paper.

Day 6. Learning by doing in Bathalapalli and Dharmavaram

The young people went to Bathalapalli and Dharmavaram to see the facilities of the craft workshops which use jute, textiles and embroidery, and jewellery. Following the methodology of the Masters of Design and Innovation, learning by doing, the students participated in the therapeutic exercises that are carried out daily in the foundation with disabled women.
Anna Ferrer, President and Executive Director of the development NGO, conveyed to the students the mission and work of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation since its inception.

Day 7. Presentation of the projects to the Fundación Vicente Ferrer

After months of research and development work, the young creatives presented the projects carried out on new positioning strategies for the Integrated Development Trust Project, the improvement of the current working conditions of the workers, the creation of communication campaigns and the development of new product lines for the charity shop of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Day 8. Last day in the country of a thousand colours

This trip to the country of contrasts and a thousand colours has been very productive. After saying goodbye to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, the creatives discovered the city of Anantapur in Tuk Tuk and concluded their trip with a fantastic Bollywood show.



It's amazing to see how there is so much going on behind the scenes, even though the city was looking terrible and you couldn't see that much development, they were actually doing so much.
Incredible life changing experience.
The biggest impact of this trip was Sitting down with the disabled women and being with them. Laughing, enjoying even though we did not speak the same language we understood one another. - I saw and learned about the reality of production, design, and sustainability.
A deep humbling experience that inspires social change and equality.





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