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Experiential trip of the Masters of Design and Innovation to the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja de San Ildefonso

What will come with the passing of time? What will be the scenarios of tomorrow? The future and its many possibilities has been the core of the experiences organised for the Masters of Design and Innovation students during their trip to La Granja de San Ildefonso, in Segovia. A unique common personal development experience, with team building activities, outdoor experiences and seminars on the conceptual relation of future environments.

Experience Trip to La Granja de San Ildefonso

This experiential journey is part of the first cross-curricular unit, common to the four programs, coordinated by Pablo Jarauta. In this transversal stage the students’ way of thinking is reconstructed to have a collective social consciousness that acts as an engine for innovation and gives them a necessary initial approach to the field of design and project culture.

Pablo Jarauta - Masters of Design and Innovation - IED Madrid

Pabo Jarauta

Unit coordinator of this transverse part, is a philosopher who has worked in the fields of the history of cartography, travel literature, the history of ideas and the socio-cultural contexts of design. His multidisciplinary vision makes this first unit, and especially this trip, a fundamental experience for students before starting the specific programs in each area.

The trip took place in a unique place: The Royal Glass Factory of La Granja, a unique environment with a history and trajectory close to design, innovation and creativity. Thanks to the support and the care given by the team of workers and artisans, the students were able to enjoy a guided tour of the factory and interact with the working of the glass in the workshop.

The central theme of the trip was reflection on the future in its broadest sense and the role of the designer in the future. These possible scenarios were explored through a multitude of subjects such as the limits and possibilities of future cities, or the web as a space of the future with a hidden, dark side, from which emerges creativity and innovation.

The intention of the visit, beyond that of reflection, was for the students to have an unforgettable experience that would allow them to know themselves, interact with the environment and experience new sensations. Experience solitude, meditate and activate the senses of smell and touch through such basic actions as feeling the cold of snow under bare feet were essential experiences in this “retreat”.

On the other hand, in the midst of this being in tune with themselves, the environment and reflection, the creatives discovered the power of visual language, used to generate ideas and communicate them, and also the power of storytelling: the ability to listen and empathize.

The activities were carried out under the vision of outstanding professionals from very different sectors, such as Carlos Goga, an entrepreneurs coach, professionals of Musarión, a consultancy firm specializing in leader coaching, Pedro Medina, director of the IED Madrid Publishing House, Marisa Santamaria, Director of Institutional Relations of the IED Madrid, Javier Maseda, Creative Director of IED Madrid, Elena Urizar, UX designer, Andrea Morpurgo and Santiago Rubin, Tutors of the first unit of the masters.

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