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The first stage of the circuit has been completed! The Masters of Design and Innovation continue in their path toward design and innovation

The end is in sight! The first cross-disciplinary unit shared by the MA programs –Journey through ideas shaping our world (coordinated by Pablo Jarauta)– has been completed and the different specialisation stages are about to begin.

This first cross-curricular unit provides the young creatives, who come from a range of geographical and professional areas and have different ways of seeing things, with a shared approach to design and project culture. Additionally, they reconstruct their way of thinking about collective social consciousness, which drives innovation.

Through master classes, seminars, workshops and even an experiential trip, the students explored “the ideas which make up the contexts in our time. The ideas and questions which configure the global and complex scenarios in our cities and ways of life” as the program coordinator explained in an interview for the last edition.

Through this didactic unit, the students delved into different fields with important professionals from each field, attending seminars and workshops such as Social Entrepreneurship (Waya Quiviger), Service Design Thinking (Vincenzo di Maria), Storytelling (David Mears) and Coolhunting and Trends Studies (Nelson Pinheiro).

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