Francisco Jarauta inaugurates the 2010 Cultural Observatory

Francisco Jarauta begins the Cultural Observatory cycle of Master of European Design Labs with Possible scenarios for the future, Wednesday, March 3rd at 7:30pm at IED Master. The lecture will be  transmited on line at

The Cultural Observatory is a space for reflection that IED Madrid has proposed in order to understand the direction of the world of creation from very diverse perspectives and with the participation of major international references of design and thought.

Francisco Jarauta. Philosophy professor at the University of Murcia. Guest professor at various European and American universities, his work is especially focused on the field of cultural philosophy, the history of ideas, aesthetics and art theory. His numerous publications and writings include: The transformation of the modern consciousness ("La transformación de la conciencia moderna") (1991), Scenarios of globalization ("Escenarios de la globalización") (1997), Poets/Politicians ("Poéticas/Políticas") (2001), Challenges of Globalization ("Desafíos de la Mundialización") (2002), and Suspended writing ("Escritura suspendida") (2004). He has been a delegate of various international exhibitions, among the most recent Radical architecture (Arquitectura radical) (2002), Micro-Utopias (Micro-Utopías), Art and Architecture (Arte y Arquitectura) (2003) and From the bridge of years (Desde el puente de los años). Paul Celan – Gisèle Celan-Lestrange (2004). Former Vice-president of the Board of Trustees of MNCARS, he is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art and of the Governing Council of IVAM (Valencia). He is a part of the Scientific Committee of Iride, Experimenta, Pluriverso, Le Monde Diplomatique, World Political Forum and la Scuola Internazionale di Alti Studi (Modena). He participates in the group Géo-philosophie de l’Europe and is the coordinator of the Tánger Group. As well, he directs the Observatory of Trends Analysis for the Marcelino Botín Foundation, the collection Arquitectura and the Scientific Committee of the Istituto Europeo di Design (Madrid).

Upcoming dates with the Cultural Observatory:
Thursday, April 29th: Ezio Manzini, architect and industrial designer
Wednesday, May 19th: Clive van Heerden, creative director
Wednesday, June 2nd: Santiago Cirugeda, architect

Free entry until the venue is full.
IED Master
Calle Larra, 14, Madrid

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