Juan Pastor Bustamante, new Program Leader of the Master of Strategic Design Labs

The Master of Strategic Design Labs will be more creative than ever, thanks to the addition of Juan Pastor, a professional from the field of creativity and innovation, who will become our Program Leader.

The fourth edition of the Master of Strategic Design Labs will begin in January 2014, and will be more creative than ever, thanks to the addition of Juan Pastor, a professional from the field of creativity and innovation, who will become our Program Leader.

With Juan Pastor, the Master of Strategic Design Labs is becoming consolidated as a perfect space for young professionals from different areas to learn to configure a new strategic vision, learning about innovative ways of looking and thinking from design.

Pastor is, at present, the founder and CEO of the company Repensadores and vice-president of the Asocrea Association for Creativity. He has great experience as a teacher and disseminator in the field of creativity, entrepreneurial initiative and innovative companies in Spain and abroad.

What is your role as Program Leader of the Master of Strategic Design Labs?
My role as Program Leader will be three-fold: on the one hand I will provide my knowledge and experience in design and the management of training programmes; working along with the IED team to make the MA even more of a reference point on an international level, and monitor the programme from an educational perspective, with the faculty and students.
I am lucky to have great professionals as tutors, Tommaso Canonici and Asier Pérez, who will accompany me in the development of the programme. We have worked together before and the fact that we already know one another will have a positive effect on the Master of Strategic Design Labs.

Tell us about your relationship with the students
I want to establish a professional working environment, without forgetting they are in a training programme. I would like them to see me as someone who can guide them professionally and who will demand the best they have to offer.
I have lots of experience in the individualised advising of entrepreneurs and businessmen, and I enjoy it a lot. My work philosophy is to develop the talent of the professional without forgetting the development of the person.

What novelties can we expect from this new programme of the Master of Strategic Design Labs?
The main novelty will be in inclusion of a powerful creativity block, with the aim of helping students become facilitators in this discipline, lending dynamism to creativity sessions and promoting creative ecosystems. On the other hand, we will work on business models under the philosophy of the triple balance (economic, social and environmental). Finally, we will look at entrepreneurship within organisations (intra-entrepreneurship) and outside them.

Which professionals and businesses do you want to involve in this training programme?
I want professionals who stand out in their field and who enjoy education. It is very important for me, and students notice it when they learn from people who enjoy teaching. Therefore, we will lend importance to the knowledge conveyed and the way it is conveyed.
I will involve, with the help of the faculty, the greatest number of creative and innovative companies I can. We will try to establish collaborations between them and the students taking the MA.

Why and to whom would you recommend this MA?
This programme is aimed at students of any degree who are interested in including in their professional training elements of creativity, innovation, design, ICT and business. This training enables them to work at innovative companies in any sector as well as offering excellent training to create start-ups. I would recommend it for people in the world of design, engineering, architecture, business management and administration and especially those who have taking courses which did not include training in project creation and innovative companies.

What are the characteristics of the strategic vision that the students of the Master of Strategic Design Labs will learn?
Having a strategic vision is key to anyone who wants to reach an executive position, for consultants and of course for entrepreneurs. Companies, organisations and public administrations need professionals who know how to visualise the future, detecting trends in the present, plan actions, lead them and anticipate challenges in a creative and innovative way. All of these abilities are linked to strategic vision and will developed in the Master of Strategic Design Labs.


Start date: January 2014.
Timetable: Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 18:00h, distributed into lessons, tutorials, research and trips.
Language: the lessons will be taught in English.

(+34) 91 448 04 44
Skype: master.iedmadrid


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