Materials Matter. The Master of Product Design Labs and the Master of European Design Labs in the Crash Courses

The Crash Courses are a series of workshops grouped together under the theme of discovery and research into materials, directed by different professionals, which were attended by the Master of European Design Labs and the Master of Product Design Labs students.

It is important for designers to know about different materials and techniques, which open up a wide range of possibilities when working. Therefore, the aim of these workshops was for students to understand materials and how to handle them, learning about their production processes and working with them in suitable environments.

Moreover, it is not only important to know about the material in order to know how you can apply it, and, if not, know how much it costs to make one product or another and who you should put in charge of it.

Students took part in workshops on wood, bronze, metal, glass and chemical products, visiting the specific places where each material is worked. There, along with each professional, they learned about each one’s characteristics, the machinery necessary for handling them and their possibilities.

The five workshops will serve students well when devising the design of their final master’s project, expanding their resources and enlarging their perspectives, for, as the name of the second unit of the Master of European Design Labs rightly states: Materials Matter.

WOOD with Luis Fernández

The aim of this workshop was to see wood in a different way from which designers are accustomed. It was directed by Luis Fernández, head of the model-making workshop of the IED Madrid, where work experience was carried out.

In the course of the workshop, students saw different techniques, basic machinery for simple carpentry, folding techniques, steam bending, etc. that they will be able to apply later on in their personal projects.


BRONZE with Cristóbal Martín

The workshop was given in the Arte 6 foundry in Arganda del Rey, by Cristóbal Martín, a self-taught sculptor. During the workshop sessions, the students studied bronze casting, finishing and patina techniques, plaster and silicone moulding and the obtaining of wax using ovens.

Bronze is a material that lasts for many years and is frequently used in the decoration world and in construction. Moreover, a specific space and machinery is necessary to work with it, so it was very interesting to have a professional to teach students about it.

CHEMICAL PRODUCTS with Josep Manuel Moraleda

Students were able to immerse themselves in the world of chemically manufactured materials through this workshop given by Josep Manuel Moraleda, a specialist in materials, techniques and chemical processes, which took place in the MDI Lab of the Masters of Design and Innovation.

Alongside the professional they learned, among other things, how to make their own physical or chemical bases, what are the different plastic components and the different kinds of colouring for metal and wood.

METAL en Kikekeller

This workshop was directed by the famous designers Kike and Celia, in their design and creation space: Kikekeller. This workshop “in which everyday objects and art meet to propose a different dialogue”, took place first in the artists’ studio where they work with metal and then in the ever-changing store-gallery.

The students experimented with various metals and learned how to handle them, to solder and to exploit the artistic potential of this material.

CRYSTAL with Cecilio Pajas Crespo

This workshop in the glass blowing workshop of the Real Fábrica de Cristales of La Granja de San Ildefonso, with Cecilio Pajas Crespo, Director of Production of the studio. Glass is one of the most interesting and most complicated materials to handle and, therefore, very attractive to see up close.

In the three days that the workshop lasted, the students studied the hot and cold glass processes, attended a demonstration on how a piece is blown and saw the industrial production of glass bottles.

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