Modular and sustainable architecture. Visit to ArcelorMittal by the Masters of Design and Innovation

After traveling to Milan, Copenhagen and Berlin, the Masters of Design and Innovation continue their adventure through design and innovation. The next stop? The Global R+D centre of ArcelorMittal (Avilés, Asturias).

Avilés is the third most important city in Asturias, a historically industrial and seafaring city which has become in a major steel production centre in Spain. The environmental recovery of its coastal inlet and the improvements in its urban centre have turned it into a key destination for our creatives.

The Masters of Design and Innovation discovered the old part of Avilés in its historic quarter, porticoed houses, churches, gardens, etc., and they saw its most modern and industrial side, at the Global R+D centre of ArcelorMittal, with the modular architecture of the [Baragaño] studio.


ArcelorMittal is the world’s main steel and mining producer, and its R+D centre in Avilés (Asturias) aims to make the steel production more efficient, from all perspectives: the environment, workplace safety, logistics, etc.


[Baragaño] is the studio of the architect Sergio Baragaño, the author of a system of modular and sustainable houses know as B Homes. A project produced in collaboration with ArcelorMittal, which suggest a new way of looking at traditional homes and office spaces.

The young creatives took on the challenge of identifying new market opportunities and applications for the modular architecture of [Baragaño] and the project developed along with ArcelorMittal: B Home. A modular home and office system based entirely on galvanised steel, built in a factory and transported to their final location.

The delocalisation of the space of the school to other environments is a great opportunity to widen the views of the young creatives, establish professional contacts, find inspiration and face new challenges. The journey of the Masters of Design and Innovation continues…


Photo Credits: ArcelorMittal Orbit 

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