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Moleskine: a real case which drove creativity in the Master of Communication Design Labs

When one works in the field of communication, marketing and advertising, one faces problems and brand aims that vary a lot depending on the type of business, its target and aims. In order to learn how to resolve a brief in an innovative and personalised way for each client, one must deal with as many as possible in a professional environment which resembles reality.

Because of this, Mike Betts and Anthony Lui arrived in the Master of Communication Design Labs with reality on a platter: a Moleskine case which could drive creativity.

Mike Betts is the Head of Strategy at AKQA Berlin and Anthony Lui works as a Creative Director at the London and Berlin headquarters. Together, they create the future for their clients, some of the largest brands in the world. They take advantage of creativity, client-based focus and innovative technology to drive the brand and improve business performance.

Moleskine, an Italian brand which makes notebooks, diaries, city guides and writing and reading accessories, was the focus of the meeting. With the aim of putting into practice the tools they had learnt until now and create a context to support innovation, Anthony and Mike proposed the challenge of “extending the Moleskine experience beyond the notebook”.

The students had to fulfil the objectives of the brief –expanding creativity, taking advantage of people’s opinions and involve customers in the making of the products– in their proposals, which they developed and tested in teams, in the same way as agencies work.

Additionally, the solutions presented were judged using the criteria of the customer, from a creative and sales perspective: to find out to what extent they would drive the company forward, to see if the proposal was user-centred and to calculate how much it would drive the sales.



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