Quique Rodríguez, a teacher of the Masters of Design and Innovation, has received an award at Red Dot

At the recent Red Dot award Quique Rodríguez was given the prize to “Best of Best” for international audiovisual design, for his production of the video Living Life to the Fullest.

(Photograph: Alfonso Acedo)

Quique Rodriguez is always seeking new ways of communicating. This professional from the world of the Visual Arts and Communication is a teacher of infographics at the Master of Communication Design Labs and the Master of Strategic Design Labs and currently offers, from his creative studio Dosdecadatres, a number of art direction and audiovisual production services.

At the recent Red Dot award he was given the prize to “Best of Best” for international audiovisual design, for his production of the video Living Life to the Fullest, a piece produced by him and developed by the brand consultancy firm Interbrand for Mahou, which shows in an original and innovative way the attributes of the new format for the Mahou Cinco Estrellas night.


Mahou_IED Madrid


Tell us about the production Living Life to the Fullest
This video was produced on the occasion of the launch of the new premium version of Mahou, aimed at nightlife. And it was first shown during the Madrid Fashion Week. The video aimed to convey the attributes of the “original drink linked to nightlife”.
The central idea was to create a choreography around a bottle. To lend full protagonism to the product, I aimed to create a story without using any element that was not on the bottle itself, its labels and packaging. The logo and every graphic detail was created using different materials and animated with pieces and engines from Lego MindStorm.
The challenge was to produce a motion graphics piece without using a computer.

What are the unique characteristics of this piece?
I would point out the warmth and cinematic texture offered by the real image and the artisan finishes. I also think there is something magical in seeing the way each of the mechanisms that make up the choreography move and work.
On a narrative level, the interest lies in discovering the story, in seeing how this small puzzle is resolved.

What design and creativity elements are most valued at present?
There have always been trends but I don’t think we need to pay too much attention to them. The most important element is the idea.
When the time comes to start designing, it is the idea, if it is well developed, that will guide us during the process of knowing which graphic elements are right and which are not. Behind the things I like most there is always a good story. The important thing is for the concept and design to work together.

What are the keys for effective infographics?
A good infographics must be interesting, intelligent and almost always elegant. It is capable of attracting our attention through a suggestive design, and will motivate us to work to extract the information it contains.


What advantage do students of the Masters of Design and Innovation gain from training that includes infographics?
Infographics is a very wide field that goes beyond basic graphs. Training in infographics allows us to convey an idea, business or project (storytelling) and to create graphics that explain complex realities (data visualization), for example. The main advantage for the students is that they expand their communication abilities.

Start Date: January 2014.
Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 18.00 h. Distributed into lessons, tutorials, research and trips.
Language: the lessons are taught in English.





(+34) 91 448 04 44
Skype: master.iedmadrid

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