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Salad Design Lab or how to break from convention at the Masters of Design and Innovation

What is a salad? The best ideas emerge when one questions the world. When bold thinking finds its way, without taking anything for granted and re-examining preconceived notions and what is established in society.


Salad. From the Latin salata, a short version of herba salata or “savoury vegetables”.

  1. f. A combination of mixed vegetables, sliced into pieces and dressed with salt, oil, vinegar and other ingredients.
  2. f. A confusing mixture of unconnected notions.
  3. f. Metr. A lyrical composition where different rhyming schemes can be used at will.
  4. f. T. lit. A poetic composition which includes verses from other well-known poems.
  5. f. Cuba. A soft drink prepared with lemon water, mint and pineapple.

You can stick with the image of lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar or you can go beyond that, to unlearn what you know about the concept of “salad” and reinvent it. At the Salad Design Lab, the Masters of Design and Innovation have let their creativity run free, leaving preconceived ideas at home and designing something new.

At the Salad Design Lab, presented as a final activity in the first cross-curricular unit in the MAs, what matters most is to have fun: to have an afternoon to enjoy music and dance, with the backdrop of creativity and innovation.

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