The Experience of Gustavo Rubiano, from the Master of Strategic Design Labs to Entrepreneur in Colombia

Gustavo Rubiano came from Colombia to study at the Master of Strategic Design Labs with two purposes in mind: to live a unique experience and to give a new turn to his talent and creativity. From his experience with the Masters of Design and Innovation a thesis project emerged called  iwi, a start-up on which he is currently working back in his home town.

iwi is a new business model based on the concept of "smart menus to your table". They currently use a network of restaurants, chefs and nutritionists in the city of Barranquilla (Colombia) to help people change their eating habits and daily lifestyles, helping them to reach their goals.

All the iwi workers come from completely different areas, but they have the same mission: “to change the lifestyles of people”, and for this reason they work to innovate in the field of eating habits.

web page y app using it

What led you to create iwi?

I always had a taste for food and I enjoy going to different restaurants every day to try new things, but in the course of my life I have fought against my bad eating habits, and I have gone through different types of diets until I became tired of them because of having to eat the same dishes every day.

So, iwi was created with the idea of connecting health food restaurants in each city with nutritionists, in order to deliver the best healthy culinary experience to users who want to change or improve their lifestyles without failing in the attempt.

What is the main value proposition of your project?

Our main value proposition is “healthy menus to your table".

How was the process of creation of the company?

The process of starting something is always a bit long and sometimes difficult. It was begun in Madrid in order to advance processes before returning to Colombia; where we will launch iwi and continue evaluating the market. At the moment we are looking for more people for the work team, something we did not expect, but we are on the right road because we began after the end-of-year celebrations when everything is just getting back to normal.

What are your future plans?

At the moment my plan is to go ahead with iwi and, at the same time, teach others how to create their companies from degree projects in different universities in the cities, and help as a consultant in different companies or businesses of close friends who are drifting aimlessly, innovating in a new market which they can explore.

What is ahead for iwi?

Our short term goal is to launch our platform in three months and consolidate it as a company. At medium term it would be the adaptation of our platform technology for the benefit of the user and restaurants, to promote them and thus help others to launch themselves on the market and integrate them into our platform; and, as we say in iwi, it is time for change, and this change is coming now.

How was your experience in the Master of Strategic Design Labs?

The experience that I had in this Master was unique.

Thanks to the help of the Masters coordination team I was informed in detail about the Master of Strategic Design Labs, and decided to take the course because it was what I needed to consolidate my professional career and my life project.

In this way, I took a 360º turn in my perception of the graphic design world and of how I could take advantage of it, using my creativity and business knowledge to carry out the many projects that I wanted to do, creating the basis for my project which is now iwi, and as an entrepreneur.


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