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The Masters of Design and Innovation 2016, the journey begins

The train is starting! The wagons of the Masters of Design and Innovation are once again full of dreams, cultures and brilliant minds, with the new generation of students. After listening to the messages of welcome and encouragement from their respective Program Leaders: Ugo Ceria, Clive Van Heerden and Juan Pastor, they started on the journey that awaits them, full of design, innovation, and above all, surprises.

An opening ceremony in which they put a face, name and surname to their future fellow adventurers broke the ice, as they listened to professionals in each speciality and shared a first welcoming cocktail.

This new edition has students from many different origins, not just geographic or cultural but also professional. This makes it a special environment in which to absorb everything possible in order to go beyond the limits of the potential of each student and thus become a new generation of leaders in the sector.

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