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The Masters of Design and Innovation and the challenge of being Creative Problem Solvers in their own space

Every designer, whether of product, communication or strategy, solves problems; the only difference is in what the end result is and what degree of creativity is involved. The challenge of a real Creative Problem Solver is how to solve all problems creatively, both the result and the process that leads to answers.

Through a workshop directed by Pablo López, a Creativity and Innovation consultant, the Masters of Design and Innovation learned how to be Creative Problem Solvers through an intervention in their work space: the MDI Lab.

Pablo is the founder of The Thinking-Business, a digital platform for innovation trends, and CEO in Creativigo, an innovation consultancy firm that works in Europe and Latin America. Given his experience as consultant and Problem Solver, he wanted the students to understand how creativity applied to innovation functions, through different thinking methodologies.

The project consisted of building their own innovation space, suitable to their needs, starting from the current state of the MDI Lab. In this way, they not only learned how to solve problems but also became familiar with the place and made it their own while they rebuilt it creatively.

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