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Let us be the stars of our future! The Masters of Design and Innovation enjoyed a new edition of The Challengemakers Day

Facing the world of work after finishing studying is, for many, a constant concern. “What should I do now?”, “How can I work for that company I am so interested in?” or “How to develop my personal project?” are some of the questions we hear daily.

In the face of these concerns, on the 16th of June we held the 5th edition of The Challengemakers Day event for students of the Masters of Design and Innovation. This annual cycle aims to enrich the students and help them on their path toward professional success, as well as answering some of their work-related questions.

The event was divided into a morning devoted to workshops and chats outside the strictly academic realm, where important professionals offer various keys to help students become leaders of their professional development. In other words, we want each student to become a “challengemaker”: an active agent in future work challenges, who is aware of upcoming opportunities.

The chats, guided by four experts, dealt with a range of issues to help students understand the complex and changing professional world: protection of creativity in the digital era, art in business and personal development. Additionally, the students had the chance to learn about the experience at Aveda, a pioneering sustainable cosmetics company, from the General Manager of the company in Spain, Pierre Bancon.


Pierre Bancon

Aveda, sustainability and social responsibility
Aveda is a pioneering company in sustainable cosmetic, and since 1998 the brand’s mission has been to “protect the world we live in, from the products we make to the way we contribute to society”.


Carolina Sanchez Margareto

Protecting creativity in the digital era
Intellectual Property deals with creative work, but the digital era raises important dilemmas. What is your position with regard to Intellectual Property Rights?


Nir Hindi

The renaissance of Renaissance thinking: why do businesses need art?
Is the balance between the right and left sides of the brain what turns people or companies into successes?


Claudia van Verseveld

First challenge yourself
A true “challengemaker” leads by example and starts with him or herself. They are aware that a story can have an unlimited amount of endings and they are open to discovering which adapt best to their vision of the world.

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