The Masters of Design and Innovation Now Design in the New Fab Lab IED Madrid!

The Fab Lab IED Madrid, workshop and research laboratory with coworking spaces, has machinery using state-of-the-art technology, which will benefit the Masters of Design and Innovation students in the development of their projects. For this reason, to confirm that they can use any tool, students need to do the Machinery Course, which was carried out by the heads of the workshop, Ignacio Prieto and Daniel García.

The new space, which opened last August in the Oporto area of Madrid, forms part of the Fab Labs network of the Fab Foundation promoted by the MIT and fulfils the terms of the Fab Lab Charter, so students who have done the training course for the use of the Digital Manufacture machines become the first generation of designers who graduated in the IED to have free access to any workshop in the international network.

The course consisted of learning about the operation and safety measures of the different machines available in the Fab Lab. They used, for example, advanced 3D technology and the state-of-the-art Trotec laser cutter.

We spoke with Ignacio Prieto and Daniel García heads of the digital area, so they could explain in more detail what the course that the students had to pass consists of.

Daniel García

Ignacio Prieto

What did the activity consist of?

The training courses in the use of the Digital Manufacture machines lasted approximately four hours per machine, during which the principles of design associated with the different manufacturing processes was explained, paying special attention to the management of the machine and the CAD-CAM flow.

What is the purpose of the Machinery Course?

It enables students to use the machinery almost autonomously, understanding the constraints of design, safety measures and the manufacturing process.

Why is it necessary for students to do this course before using the different tools?

For various reasons. On a more direct level, to understand the safety measures and how to operate with the machines and with the associated mechanized software. On a more indirect level, so that both design and manufacture are compatible and achieve the maximum potential of both.


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