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The Personal Collection workshop: an objectual series, reflection of oneself

Lights, music and action! The Personal Collection workshop which aimed to break the ice, one of the first activities of the Masters of Design and Innovation 2016, has successfully finished. A relaxed and fun atmosphere was the protagonist in a workshop whose object was to go deeper into the creative minds of the different specialities and how they get closer to each other through design.

This workshop consisted of reflecting a number of characteristics that define them as people through a small collection of objects. It was presented in past editions by mischer’traxler and has become a tradition, helping students of the four masters to get to know each other in a different and fun way.

The resulting objects speak of the students with poetry and reflect the special features of themselves that each one wanted to share with his classmates, tutors and Program Leaders. From cardboard ice-cream to mountains in fish bowls, the collections became containers of the feelings and memories of their owners: collections of live objects.

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