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The Berlin of the Masters of Design and Innovation: creativity and a spirit of change


Berlin is a special place. It is a mutant city: it is art, culture, innovation and design, in their highest expression, and everywhere. Berlin is born from the urban, from the people, from desperation and its history; and it has been reborn as a creative city. The question is not why Berlin, but why not, as the students of the IED Madrid discovered in their trip to this city which is armed to the teeth with surprises.

From attending Re:publica lecturessome of the most important and interesting around digital culture all over the world– to visiting the Creation Game Science Center –a small interactive “museum of the future”– the students experienced a week full of all kinds of experiences in order to enrich their personal and professional development.

The German capital was very welcoming to the Master of Strategic Design Labs and the Master of Communication Design Labs, who visited agencies such as AKQA –a business for “ideas and innovation”–, The Dark Horse –a business strategy consultancy– and Edenspiekermann –a strategic consultancy for experience design.

They also had a warm welcome at the business services consultancy phi360, where they attended a talk on biomimesis, the science which studies nature as a source of inspiration –a huge pillar in sustainable design–, and they visited Keen on Mars, a creative studio focusing on playful communication.

They also visited the studio of Patrick Thomas –a communication professional, iconographer and designer, among others, of the current logo of DESIGUAL– who gave them an autobiographical presentation of his artistic career. They also visited one of the best-known co-working space in Berlin: St. Oberholz.

And has Berlin has 365 museums, one for each day of the year, the students did not miss out on the culture radiated by this city during their trip, and visited a number of galleries of their choosing.


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