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The metamorphosis of Berlin. A journey of the Master of Communication Design Labs to the German capital

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city has become the most multicultural, avant garde and fun city in Europe. Designated as a Design City by Unesco (2006) it is a great cultural capital and the students of the Master of Communication Design Labs travelled there to discover this.

The young creatives travelled to the German city with a mission: to generate new communication ideas for Berlin using the Creative Strategy for Design Thinking (empathise, define and devise).

The first stops in the German capital were the International Packaging Design Fair, a meeting with innovation and design as a communication tool. And the central headquarters of Spotcap Global Services, an innovative business based on new technology to efficiently satisfy the credit needs of SMEs.

Berlin is a focal point in creative economy, hosting numerous agencies, design studios, galleries and museums. The students visited the Berlin headquarters of the iconic Ogilvy & Mather Berlin and the Dark Horse agency, devoted to user understanding and the capacity for innovation of companies, to help them tackle the digital revolution.

A must in Berlin was the creative studio Keen on Mars, a multidisciplinary space specialisation in tangible design, where they attended a master class by Meike Ziegler on Creatuals 2016: Creative Rituals Mark Moments. And they discovered The Kollectiv, a community for all kinds of creatives which functions as a collaborative, networking and support platform.

They also discovered a new approach to marketing with the Relevance Technology workshop. A methodology by the teacher Kai Platschke which has been adopted by successful brands such as H&M, Mammut, Nespresso and L’Oréal.

Berlin is the great cultural capital of the 21st century, combining galleries, museums, electronic clubs, fashion, etc. becoming an inspiring venue for the creatives of the Master of Communication Design Labs.

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