Trip to Colombia of the Masters of Design and Innovation 2018

The intercontinental trips of the Masters of Design and Innovation are transformative experiences that change students' lives and their vision of design

The Masters of Design and Innovation travelled to the heart of the Colombian Amazon to discover in situ the new roles of the Designer in the 21st century. The new generations face global challenges, such as the scarcity of natural resources, excess plastic and waste management.

For a week, students moved far away from “civilisation” to enter the Amazonian rainforest of Puerto Nariño, with no Internet connection and no cars around. A key experience for the learning and personal growth of designers, creating an emotional bond with their profession.



A trip as active members of the population were the designers, in cooperation with Fundación Omacha and Planeta Biomimético España, researched possible social innovation projects that will generate a positive impact in the Amazon and its population.

The adaptation of Colombian handicrafts to new markets, the possibilities of cassava as an alternative to other scarce cereals and even its use in order to reduce the use of plastic, are some of the projects that were co-created during the trip.

During the trip, the designers visited the city of Leticia and the town of Puerto Nariño, enjoyed the world heritage of the Amazon, imbued with the power of the maniwa - the most important plant in the diet of Puerto Nariño - and known to indigenous communities.

The Intercontinental trips are a key point in the programme, an educational experience based on first-hand experimentation that combines the specific nature of each discipline with the cross-cutting and multidisciplinary nature that is required of creatives which also provide students with a unique life experience.


Good designers are always travelling and discovering. Keep learning and curious, transform something inside. Eye and heart open to absorb everything. Never take anything for guaranteed, designers are always learning.
Victoria de Pereda, Director of the Masters of Design and Innovation  


Cover image provided by Fernando Trujillo, Founder Partner of Fundación Omacha
Images provided by the students of the Masters of Design and Innovation



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