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Hygge, design and sustainability. Trip to Copenhagen of the creatives of the Master of Strategic Design Labs

It is said that the citizens of Copenhagen are the happiest in the world. The secret lies in “hygge” and has a lot more to do with design than it may appear to. The Master of Strategic Design Labs travelled to the Danish capital to find out what lies behind this Scandinavian joy.

The trip to Copenhagen was a stimulating visit, five days immersed in a receptive society that is sensitive to design and sustainability. The first stop was the lecture “The Art of Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship of Art” (Copenhagen Business School) where they were exposed to new ideas on the relationship between art, business and school.

They discovered the power of simplicity through Kontrapunkt, an agency devoted to the creation of brands that appeal to the heart and the mind, contributing to a better world. And they learnt about the importance of a good strategy, with Workz, an agency specialising in change management, the creation of strategies and leadership development.

They visited Designit, a global agency which uses design to transform society and companies. And ReD Associates, a strategy consultancy which has led the sector for a decade.

The search for inspiration and the love for design led the young creatives to Sweden, to Malmö to be specific. A post-industrial city which has become a reference point in design, sustainability and innovation, where they had the chance to visit Ikea’s headquarters.

Design is so endemic in Copenhagen that even the different neighbourhoods are defined by their own graphic identity. The students visited the peculiar neighbourhood of Christiania to produce a critical thinking project on the way of life and self-organisation of its population.

Copenhagen has design in its DNA, understanding it as a cultural element. The walks around its streets, full of design stores, its sustainable architecture, the visits to design museums and galleries have turned the trip into the perfect experience for the students of the Master of Strategic Design Labs.

Photo Credits: David Salazar

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