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The city that never sleeps awakens the dreams of the Masters of Design and Innovation

New York is a fascinating city with a lot to offer at any time of day and on any day of the year. The city is always active, hence its moniker as the city that never sleeps, and the Masters of Design and Innovation had the chance to enjoy the frenzied pace of the Big Apple.

The creatives of the Master in Communications visited several design agencies specialising in innovation: Code and Theory, Curve ID and Fahrenheit 212. They went to the famous New York offices of J. Walter Thompson and got to know design studios like ECCO Design, ESI Design, Frog Design and Design it NY.

Design was the star of the visit, and the students had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of BlueMap, a renowned company devoted to creating, renewing and strengthening brand power through design. Its style stands out for its simplicity, along with its honesty and respect for function, use and durability, above superficial adornments.

Additionally, the students took part in the Intro to Social Entrepreneurship Workshop (Opportunities, Challenges and Trends) at the Social Innovation Centre; they visited the global art, design and business focal point that is the Parsons School of Design; and the fashion and ethical design centre Pratt, which offers designers the necessary resources to transform their ideas into successful businesses.

As was to be expected in a place like New York City, a lot happened during the week the students were there. The creatives got to know Manhattan —the heart of the city—and Central Park. They visited Soho —an important neighbourhood full of artists, galleries and new trends— and made the most of one of the top culture and leisure spaces in the world.


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